Ryan’s Story

Ryan jafari photo

Ryan’s been tinkering with technology for as far back as he can remember. From dissassembling PCs and game consoles, coding up web apps, and deconstructing viruses: the riddles of technology have long enticed him. Actually, so much so that he’s been paid to solve them even before being able to legally work.

As at-home hobbyist turned computer scientist turned back-end developer turned front-end developer turned business owner turned speaker/educator turned product manager and team leader, the road has been a long one, but with a clear destination: the desire to work with humans in a world being devoured by technology; with teammates, clients, and stakeholders into delivering the very finest products backed a insatiable thirst for improving the customer experience.

At just north of ten years of professional experience in the tech industry, his career has seen him through many exciting (and challenging) experiences that have matured his perspective on people, products, and technology and the teamwork, innovation, and leadership it takes to bring them to a meaningful intersection that drives value. He has shipped scores of products: some of them successful, some of them acquired, and a lot of them that weren’t.

Ryan’s experience ranges from working with household brands, venture-backed startups, and tech-boom software giants. He speaks and presents at technology conferences for Fortune 500 companies, mentors aspiring software developers, and blogs about all the things.

He holds a degree in Computer Science from New York University’s Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences. There he specialized in Computer Graphics, Game Design, Unix, and Database Systems.

In his spare time Ryan enjoys good food, plays video games, goes to the gym, tinkers with hardware, watches horror movies, and spends time with his high school sweetheart. He’s also an aspiring game developer and world traveler. He is fascinated by the future and ponders machine learning, robotics, brain-computer interfaces, space travel, and intelligent life and their effects on life as we know it.

What I’ve Learned So Far

Some highlights of his learning experience throughout the years that have informed his philosophy (some of which he has written about). He is by no means an expert in all of these things. As always, a work in-progress!